How Do Blinds & Shades Work?

Roller and blinds

Window treatments are truly an unsung hero of the home. They provide us with the privacy, light and temperature control that we need to go out about our daily routines. When it comes to establishing the right vibe in your home, finding treatments that are functional, stylish and safe is key. This article will explore how different types of blinds and shades work, and what types might be the best options for your household.

How Do Blinds Work?

In a nutshell, the height of the shade enables you to let the desired amount of sunlight into your home, as well as helping to regulate temperatures and maintain an appropriate level of privacy. It may seem obvious, but there are in fact a number of different ways blinds achieve this. Let’s explore some of the most common solutions below to help you have it made in the shade.

Conventional Cord Blinds

Cords, or lift strings, thread through holes on either side of the slats, and tie off at the bottom of the blind. The strings connect to a cord lock at the top of the blind and pulling the loose cord or strings in one direction will roll the blind or shade up and lock it in place. Pulling the strings in the opposite direction will release the lock and lower the blind. These have historically been a common type of blind, though in recent times, many homeowners have begun moving away from conventional cords. This stems from the fact that they are somewhat less aesthetically pleasing, and are not the safest option in homes with young children or pets.

Continuous Loop Blinds & Shades

For larger, heavier blinds and shades, continuous loop systems function by using a cord attached to a pulley that lifts and lowers your shades effortlessly and evenly. So you can really leave the heavy lifting to them! Pulling the cord hand-over-hand in a circular motion in one direction will raise the shades, while pulling it in the opposite direction will lower them. The cord always remains an even length, and can be easily hidden from sight, providing a great look and a pleasant experience all around.

Blinds & Shades with Hidden Control Systems

This method has become increasingly popular as of lately. Instead of using a lift cord or string system, the control system within the rolled fabric responds to how it is being pulled. Thus, when pulled downwards, it will lower, and when pulled on an angle, it will begin to roll upward, raising the shade.

Smart Blinds & Shades

Remote-controlled blinds and shades, such as our Elite Smart Shades, are also becoming more and more common. Sometimes called motorized blinds or smart blinds, they are a very convenient option, as they can be controlled from anywhere in your home home at the click of a button. Our Elite Smart Shades even have an app that allows you to adjust your shades from your phone. Plus, a timer can also be set so that the shades adjust automatically to optimize sunlight at different times of the day. They’re smarter than the average shades.

Types of Cordless Window Shades & Blinds

Many window treatments now have cordless options, which offer several useful benefits. Below we’ll take a look at some cordless shade options:

Roller & Solar Shades

Roller and solar shades are ideal for maximizing sun blockage in bedrooms or other rooms that might require a little more privacy. They often feature a minimal and simple design. Simply pull down to lower them, and tug the bottom and release to raise them.

Motorized Drapes

Motorized drapes and window treatments can complement just about any room and any decor style, particularly if you have several large windows. Drapes with a motorized system can be operated remotely, giving you convenient control at your fingertips.

Cellular Shades & Blinds

These types of shades are ideal for temperature control as they have unique, honeycomb-shaped air pockets designed to trap cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer. On top of looking great, these can help you save on your energy bills. Cellular shades come in both light-filtering and blackout options, and are a highly durable option that can last you years. They are also available in cordless, motorized and continuous loop options.

Going Cordless

Cordless shades & blinds don’t just offer great safety benefits, but they are also very easy to use. They are absolutely worth considering when it comes time for new window treatments for your home home, particularly if you’ve got young ones or furry friends running around. Be sure to contact your local window shade manufacturer for more information about window blinds and shades, or for help choosing the right window treatment for your needs.

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