How Do Cordless Blinds and Shades Work?

Window treatments are a staple in every household. They offer control over privacy and light. The key is finding treatments which are effective, stylish, and are safe options for the home. There are many options available; however, any smart homeowner should consider cordless blinds. They are easy to use and also keep your children and pets safe.

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Raising and Lowering

Adjusting the height of the shade enables people to let in desired amount of sunlight, regulate temperatures, and have control over privacy. Although this may be obvious, there are a number of different ways blinds achieve this. Below are some common solutions:  

  • The Conventional Cord This one is one of the oldest methods of controlling shades. It works through a connection to a gear at the top of the shade which the fabric is wrapped around. Pulling the cord one way will wind the shade up, while pulling it the other way will lower it. People are moving away from conventional cords though due to their unattractive look and safety hazards.
  • Hidden Control System – This is a newer method which is becoming increasingly common. Rather than using a cord and gear to control the height, the control system within the rolled fabric responds to how it is being pulled on. When pulled downwards, it will remain lowered; when pulled on an angle, it will begin to roll upwards, raising the shade. This is the basic principle, in which these window blind solutions come with slight variations.
  • The Touch of a Button – Remote-controlled shades, such as the Elite Smart Shades, are increasingly popular. These shades are convenient and can be controlled from anywhere within the home. Elite even offers an Elite Smart Shades app which allows homeowners to adjust their shades remotely from their phone. They can even set timers so that it adjusts automatically. The convenience of these shades make them appealing choices for modern homeowners.


Visiting a window shade manufacturer will help any homeowner find the method that works best for them.

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Cordless Shade Options

Most window treatments now have a cordless option, so homeowners can still choose their preferred shades without having to deal with cords. Below are some cordless shade options:

  • Roman Shades – These are a classic option for any household. They work well in both casual and formal environments, making them a great choice for a living room has a  dual purpose. They can be adjusted by simply pulling them down and lifting them up from the bottom.
  • Roller and Solar Shades – These shades are ideal for blocking out the sun in a bedroom or other rooms. They have a minimal and simple design that makes them suitable for any room. Simply pull down to lower them and tug the bottom and release to raise them.
  • Motorized Drapes – Motorized window treatments can compliment nearly any style, including drapes and curtains. Drapes with a motorized system can be controlled via a remote control, which allows you to open and draw them at a touch of a button.



Any household that has children or pets will know that safety is always a concern. Almost anything seen as a toy by young children, even when it shouldn’t be. Shade cords are no exception when it comes to this. Unfortunately, despite their perceived entertainment value, cords pose a choking hazard to children and animals. They should be kept far out of the reach of children if present. The easiest thing to do is to simply remove them all together. Cordless window treatments offer peace of mind for parents and pet owners alike.

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How to Dust and Clean Shades

When cleaning, people often focus their energy on flooring and carpets while overlooking curtains and shades. However, window treatments require regular cleaning and care just like everything else in the home. Below are some cleaning tips:

  • Dusting – Start by dusting the shades just like you do with everything else. This will get the majority of the debris off. Once every few weeks, do a deeper clean with a vacuum cleaner. Attach the soft brush head and only use it on the low suction setting to avoid damaging the fibers. This will draw out all of the dust from the fabric.
  • Washing – The most important thing to do before washing the shades is to read the instructions manual. Otherwise, the generally accepted method is to use a mild detergent with warm (not hot) water. Spot clean the fabric as necessary.
  • Avoid – Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures when cleaning your shades and window treatments. These agents have the potential to damage the fabric.
  • Direction – Always clean in the direction of the weave because going against it will loosen it.


Don’t Make a Blind Choice

Cordless blinds offer a number of benefits from safety to ease of use. They should be seriously taken into consideration when it comes time for new window treatments in a home. Anyone who has more questions about these shades should contact their local window shade manufacturer for answers.

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