Information That Can Help You Sell Your Home in as Little as Two Weeks

With the aging of the baby boomer generation, the housing market will invariably see a massive amount of new listings. If you’re buying, this will be music to your ears – an over saturation of available properties tends to put a lot of power in the hands of the buyer. If however, you’re looking to sell your home in the next few years (and hope to make a profit), you’re going to need to arm yourself with the tricks of the trade that many homeowners use to sell their homes in record time.

Some of the tips that follow will need to be part of your long game – meaning that you’ll want to work on some improvements weeks (if not months) before you decide to list your property.

Step One: Know Your Competition

The first thing you should be doing if the prospect of selling your home isn’t too far off is keeping tabs on the sale activity in your neighborhood. Make a note when properties go up for sale, and keep track of it by using a service like MLS. From there, you can see the asking price, how long it’s been on the market, and when it sells. Try to pay a visit to the property if the owners are having an open house and compare their home’s amenities with yours – doing so can help you determine what you’ll need to do to make your home appealing to potential buyers.

Step Two: Curb Appeal

Leading up to your listing date, formulate a strategy on how you can make your home’s exterior look it’s very best. The best part of this is that depending on the state of your home, this can be done for very little expense. Consider renting or borrowing a power washer and go to town on your driveway and siding – you’d be amazed at how rejuvenated your property will look afterwards. Plant a few new plants along your walkway and keep your lawn and shrubbery fastidiously maintained – doing so will make your house appear warm, inviting, and best of all, like a home to potential buyers.

Step Three: Begin De-Cluttering

De-cluttering your space can certainly be time consuming. That’s why it’s never good to leave it to the last minute. In the months leading up to your list date, begin your campaign to rid your home of the things that won’t be making the move to your next home. Sell it, donate it, or pitch it – but get it out of there! There’s nothing less appealing to a prospective buyer than packed closets and rooms containing way too much furniture. When it comes to helping prospective buyers see your home’s potential, less is definitely more.

If you have the budget for it, consider staging your home for maximum “Wow” factor.

Step Four: Window Treatments

New window treatments are a great way to accent any you room in your home, adding style, sophistication, or simply added functionality capable of complimenting any décor. Thankfully, there are window treatments designed to cater to any preference, so if you’re looking for warmth, you might consider a lustrous set of roman blinds, if you’re looking to promote energy efficiency, you might want to look into getting a set of wireless motorized blinds.

Step Five: Painting? Choose Neutral Tones

While we would never recommend subduing your spunky, color-loving spirit, err on the side of caution when it comes to repainting walls and kitchen fixtures. Believe it or not, superficial and easy to fix issues like swapping one paint color for another can actually turn a person off of your home. Try to stick to colors like mocha and other rich midtone neutral colors so that people can see the potential of the space without being overly distracted by the color of the walls.

Step Six: Do Something Unique With Your Closet Space

Like moths to a flame, home buyers always seem to make a beeline for closets; after all, potential homeowners want to make sure your home has adequate and functional storage space. One thing that will help your property stand apart is custom made closet organizers. Remember, closet space can be a make it or break it feature; a modest investment to keep help keep things organized will go a long way to elevating your home over the competition.

These tips aside, the best thing you can do to leading up to your list date is to keep up on the trends. Invite a realtor over to walk through your home and ask for some of their insight. Realtors have their finger on the pulse of the buying public and their knowledge can be invaluable when you begin planning how you go about selling your home.

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