Kitchen Window Treatment Considerations


As one of the most heavily trafficked rooms, the kitchen is often considered the heartbeat of the home. With that in mind, there are many considerations to be made when selecting new window treatments for your kitchen. This article aims to alleviate some of the challenges that come with  choosing the right window treatments by helping you identify the best solution for your space.

Narrow kitchen with window and modern, gray furniture

Privacy Blinds Considerations

For homes with kitchens that face the street or a neighbouring property, ensuring your family’s privacy will likely be high on the list of priorities. Apartment dwellers should also be mindful of privacy, particularly if their unit faces another building. Before you purchase blinds or window treatments, complete a privacy check on your current window treatments. Doing so can help you measure the suitability of your current style of window covering, be it a set of blinds or a simple curtain. To do a privacy check, close your window coverings and go outside to see how easily they can be seen through. You can conduct this test both during the day and at night to test how easy it would be for someone to see through your windows at any time of day. Automated window blinds are useful when it comes to privacy since some of them can be programmed to lower and raise at different times of day, when lighting conditions change. 

If sightlines are more or less unobstructed by your current window coverings, you may want to choose something made from a screening material that will appear opaque from a distance, but will still allow a considerable amount of light to enter the space. Roman shades or roller shades tend to be great options for those seeking to increase or maintain privacy. 

Sunlight Blinds Considerations

As much as we all love sunlight beaming through our homes, the reality is that the longer an unprotected surface or material is left to endure harsh UV and UVB-laden sunlight, the greater the solar damage that will be inflicted. Motorized solar shades and cellular shades both have excellent UV ray blocking attributes, while still allowing a considerable amount of diffused sunlight to enter the room. Likewise, pleated shades will block the sun’s direct rays, but won’t turn your kitchen into a gloomy dungeon. 

If you do want complete and unfettered control over the amount of sunlight that enters your kitchen area, there are window treatment solutions that can help you out. While there are a number of available options, the common element between them is that they will all generally contain an opaque lining that will prevent any light from penetrating. When closed, these blackout shades will ensure your kitchen remains dark and cool for as long as you decide. As such, these types of window coverings will provide a great deal of privacy. For additional protection against the harmful effect of UV rays on your countertops or cabinets, you can apply a UV film to the window pane. 

Aesthetic Blinds Considerations

Generally speaking, kitchens are made using consistently straight lines. If you want to add a bit of visual interest to the space, you might consider installing window coverings that incorporate texture. Here are a few other aesthetic considerations that might give your kitchen a few extra style points.

Looking for something to match the wall colour? Generally speaking, most people want their window treatments to complement the colours they’ve chosen for the walls in their kitchen. But that isn’t always the case. Choosing the right contrasting colour can create an interesting focal point. If you have painted walls that are a different color than your moldings, a general rule of thumb that you may consider following is matching your window treatments to the moldings to enhance the accent.

Should your window treatments match the flooring? In stylistically simple kitchens, you might consider matching the window treatments to the flooring if there are no other noteworthy colours or patterns to draw inspiration from. If nothing else, matching the window treatments to the flooring will create cohesiveness. 

If you’re considering matching your window treatments to your cabinets, keep in mind that coloured cabinets may limit your matching options when selecting window treatments. Having said that, cabinets that aren’t a neutral colour like white, black, or dark brown add significant interest all on their own, so you may not have to worry about relying so heavily on your window treatment selection to make the room pop.

Wholesale window treatments or shades are definitely an important decorating factor to consider when designing your kitchen. When cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes, you’ll want to be wholly satisfied with the lighting or shading that comes from the window above  your sink or any other window in your kitchen.


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