Selling Your Home on a Busy Street? Here’s How Window Treatments Can Help

Despite the pros of living on a busy street, it’s still widely acknowledged that selling a home in a busy area can be more difficult than if it were on a quiet street. However, with some creativity and careful budgeting you can make the offering more attractive to prospective buyers. for instance, a window treatment upgrade can make a significant difference when it comes to gaining interest from prospective home buyers. Here are some tips to consider.

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Install soundproof windows

Depending on where you live, noise pollution levels might be tolerable – or utterly excruciating. For those who live next to railways, subway lines, shipyards and other such sources of noise, your house might need to undergo some upgrades in order for you to make a profitable sale. If you’re within about 800 meters of a railroad and trains are a regular part of your day, consider investing in soundproof windows. Those who are about 100 meters or less from such sources of noise pollution will have to go the extra mile by installing secondary window units to get those decibels down to a reasonable level.
Block out noise pollution If you’ve got plans for an open house and are concerned about the rowdy children or loud neighbours down the street, there are some easy ways to block out the noise. Start by making sure that your windows are properly sealed. Doing so will also help you seal air leaks. If that doesn’t do the trick, play some background music and/or turn on any fans while you’re showing the house. For example Glydea® Motorized Drapery Tracks will make your space stand out in terms of image, usage and functionality, and create privacy while also reducing energy costs and protecting furnishings from damaging UV rays.



Upgrade your window treatments

Heavy drapes can do wonders for homes on a busy street. You can buy sound absorbing drapes, designed specifically for noise reduction purposes (typically used by musicians and performers, but equally effective for homes on a busy street). If you don’t need to go that heavy-duty, look into wholesale blinds and shades to get the best bang for your buck. Not only can they help reduce noise levels, they can also enhance the overall look of the room. For example automated window coverings will make a dramatic impact with just a touch of a button from either your smartphone or remote control.

Go with neutral

Window treatments can make or break the look of your home, so make sure they compliment the rest of your home. Neutral is the way to go when selling a home as it’ll help attract the widest range of possible buyers. Experiment with different types of treatments, which can allow various levels of light. For instance, while you might want a perfectly soundproof, lightproof bedroom, it’s unlikely that you’ll want your kitchen to be as dark and quiet as a graveyard!

Hit two birds with one stone

Selling a house on a busy street doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a window treatment upgrade, you can hit two birds with one stone by eliminating noise pollution and enhancing your room’s interior, just in time for your next open house.

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