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E Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology!

Reduce Cooling Costs and Improve Comfort with

E Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology!

Did you know that 50% of a buildings total energy consumption is used for heating & cooling?

KOOLBLACK™ FabricToday, in honour of Earth Day, we continue our focus on energy saving fabrics by focusing on Elite’s E Screen fabric with KOOLBLACK™ Technology. With the weather finally changing to a more comfortable temperature, we can’t help but feel that the impending summer will rival our Canadian winter. How do we prepare for the hot, humid days of summer? We get the shorts, tanks, swimsuits and sunblock ready of course. Unfortunately, window coverings are not quite as easy as our wardrobes to switch over. When fitted with appropriate blinds, your windows can be part of the solution to help battle the cost of energy and assist with keeping living and working spaces cool. So now we find ourselves asking, what is the right choice for my windows?

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