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Spring Renovation Trends 2015 – Windows

Naked Windows are Out

Spring is here, and my oh my did it take it’s time to arrive. Now that it is finally here, spring renovations are beginning. It’s time to update the look and feel of our spaces, which in turn can be quite daunting. We have no idea what is what anymore because, let’s face it, what is trending today will be a faux pas tomorrow. We must be careful when making our selections lest we become outdated before we have even begun. Especially when renovating to sell, you want what you choose to add value to your space, but also want to enjoy it while it is yours.

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Spring Renovations? Automate Your Shades.

Out with the Old, In With the New.

Elite Smart Shades LogoNow that spring is finally upon us, it’s time to let the beautiful sun shine in. We find ourselves at this time or year searching for a fresh take on our day to day lives. Breaking the seal on our windows to let the fresh air in after what seemed like an eternity, spring cleaning is beginning, wardrobes are being cleared out and updated and we all sing the same tune, “out with the old, in with the new”. New resolutions, new styles, new colors, new technology.

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Summer Window Coverings

In honour of the beginning of summer, Elite brings to you our top 3 picks for summer window coverings. 

Summer is the time that we often find ourselves making home improvements whether it be a simple sprucing, moving furniture and reorganizing, painting or renovating completely. Window coverings are a staple of home design. They can be subtle and blend in or they can be bold and instantly brighten a room. Changing your window coverings can instantly change the entire dynamic of a room, and so Elite brings to you our top 3 product choices for your windows this summer:

1) Oleander from Elite’s Designer Roller Shade Collection


Pictured: Top – Oleander Ash; Bottom (left to right) – Oleander Burnout in Linen, Oleander Taupe & White

This fabric is available in 4 colours: Ash, Taupe, White and Oleander Burnout in Linen. It features a uniquely bold floral pattern with Ash being bolder than Taupe and White. Oleander Burnout in Linen is unique in its floral pattern that actually appears more sheer than the regular Oleander fabric. This fabric contains 20% polyester and 80% viscose making for a solid material that still allows the sun in. This fabric is also available in Roman and Panel styles.

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E Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology!

Reduce Cooling Costs and Improve Comfort with

E Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology!

Did you know that 50% of a buildings total energy consumption is used for heating & cooling?

KOOLBLACK™ FabricToday, in honour of Earth Day, we continue our focus on energy saving fabrics by focusing on Elite’s E Screen fabric with KOOLBLACK™ Technology. With the weather finally changing to a more comfortable temperature, we can’t help but feel that the impending summer will rival our Canadian winter. How do we prepare for the hot, humid days of summer? We get the shorts, tanks, swimsuits and sunblock ready of course. Unfortunately, window coverings are not quite as easy as our wardrobes to switch over. When fitted with appropriate blinds, your windows can be part of the solution to help battle the cost of energy and assist with keeping living and working spaces cool. So now we find ourselves asking, what is the right choice for my windows?

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Save on Energy with SilverScreen™ Fabric

SilverScreen™: The Ultimate Solution for

Solar Heat and Light Control!

If you are like us then you can relate that with the cost of hydro continually going up, we constantly find ourselves struggling to find ways to keep the bills down. While the majority of us have tackled the standard energy reduction techniques like changing our light bulbs and programming our thermostats, many of us have overlooked another surely effective way to reduce our hydro consumption by fitting our home with window coverings that provide solar heat and light control.

SilverScreen™ Living Room
SilverScreen™ FabricElite Window Fashions™ has a wide range of energy efficient options for window coverings. SilverScreen™ fabric is our most effective, featuring an ultra-fine layer of aluminum that improves the solar energy performance of the fabric while also providing excellent view through. The reflective aluminum layer will keep the strong summer heat out while reducing the loss of heat in the winter. This results in considerable savings on the costs of energy including air conditioning, heating and lighting. Bonus: reducing your energy usage also reduces you CO₂ emissions.

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