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Save on Energy with SilverScreen™ Fabric

SilverScreen™: The Ultimate Solution for

Solar Heat and Light Control!

If you are like us then you can relate that with the cost of hydro continually going up, we constantly find ourselves struggling to find ways to keep the bills down. While the majority of us have tackled the standard energy reduction techniques like changing our light bulbs and programming our thermostats, many of us have overlooked another surely effective way to reduce our hydro consumption by fitting our home with window coverings that provide solar heat and light control.

SilverScreen™ Living Room
SilverScreen™ FabricElite Window Fashions™ has a wide range of energy efficient options for window coverings. SilverScreen™ fabric is our most effective, featuring an ultra-fine layer of aluminum that improves the solar energy performance of the fabric while also providing excellent view through. The reflective aluminum layer will keep the strong summer heat out while reducing the loss of heat in the winter. This results in considerable savings on the costs of energy including air conditioning, heating and lighting. Bonus: reducing your energy usage also reduces you CO₂ emissions.

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