Window Treatments for Basement Windows

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Though it might not be obvious at first, windows greatly influence the look and feel of your basement. Your window coverings, then, need to be functional and versatile enough to make the space feel just right. Learn more about how to choose the best window treatments for your basement.

Outline Your Goals

When deciding on new basement window treatments, think about what you’re trying to achieve in the overall space. Are you looking to add better privacy? Do you want to draw more attention to your windows? Your goals should help you determine the best window covering options for your basement.

Custom shades or custom blinds are great choices to inject your own personal style. Since you can choose from a wide array of colours and patterns, it’s easy to have window treatments that are totally unique. As basement windows vary widely – they can be egress windows or larger ones – custom options are best for meeting the unique needs and dimensions of this space.

Horizontal blinds provide privacy and flexibility to filter light when you need it. This timeless window treatment option can seamlessly tie in with your current decor, or add an extra pop to the space depending on the colour you choose. For the perfect movie night environment, just adjust the cord or wand for more privacy. For extra warmth and light during the day, open the blinds completely.

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Basement Window Treatments for High Moisture Spaces

Basements are more prone to dampness and mold growth compared to other rooms in the home. As such, you’ll want to pick window treatments that not only look great, but can withstand a humid environment.

If you want to opt for wood blinds, a perfect choice is Faux Wood, which are made from composite materials, and offer the warm appearance found in natural wood blinds. Made with durable materials, faux wood blinds are resistant to warping and cracking. However, there are numerous alternatives that would be better suited options for this space.

Aluminum blinds are another great option since they’re resistant to moisture. This lightweight and durable window treatment option is available in hundreds of colours – whatever your decor is, aluminum blinds are versatile enough to complement it. Plus, they are an economical option that fit any budget.

It’s useful to note that it’s better to avoid natural wood window treatments in moist basements as they’ll eventually degrade over time. Natural wood window treatments soak up water molecules, causing the slats or louvers to expand. As they dry, the wood then shrinks and may become hard or brittle.

Brighten Up Your Basement

The window coverings you ultimately choose can transform a dark and dreary basement into a bright and comfortable space.

Solar shades are made with a fabric that helps to protect against UV rays without obstructing your view. These roller shades reduce glare, heat, and prevent sunlight from fading your furniture and flooring. Raise these window shades to bring in as much sunshine as possible.

Using motorized shades is another great way to brighten up your basement with ease. With this convenient control system, you can add even more functionality to your shades or blinds. Motorized shades are available in various fabric types that are capable of reducing glare while maintaining a great view of the outdoors. You can control your motorized shades through a mobile app, handheld remote, or wall remote – with this option, creating the perfect environment for movie or game night is quick and simple.

In general, choose white or light-coloured window shades if you want to brighten up your basement. Lighter window treatments make the space feel much more airy. Replace any heavy or dark window coverings with sheer options to introduce more natural light.

Create a Functional and Beautiful Basement

Basement window coverings should be functional, durable, and stylish. Choosing the right ones could make your basement feel more spacious and comfortable overall.

Browse through our selection of window treatments for more inspiration on how to upgrade your basement windows.

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