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Default area values
Average solar irradiation per day (W/m2)
Heating Degree Days (°C)
Cooling Degree Days (°C)
Price of electricity (Cdn$/kWh)
Price of natural gas (Cdn$/m3)
Average daily use of the product (Hours)
Heating Method
Unit of Measure
Window surface area
Window surface area (m2)
Shade fabrics
Current Fabric
Alternate Fabric
Glass and
shading properties
g-value (SHGC) (%) 0
SC (Shading coefficient) (%) 0 0 0
Light transmission (LT-value) (%) 0
U-value (heat insulation value) (W/m2.K) 0
Air Conditioning   Profits / Savings
Solar energy entering thru fenestration (kWh/m2/day) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total solar energy entering building thru windows (KBTU/annum) 0 0 0
Annual thermal heat gain thru fenestration per m2 (kWh/annum/m2) 0.000 0.000 0
Total thermal gain entering building thru windows (kWh/annum) 0.000 0.000 0
Annual use of electricity by A/C (kWh) 0 0 0
Annual expenditure for A/C (Cdn$) $0 $0 $0
Annual CO2 emission for cooling (kg) 0 0 0
Annual energy loss through windows per m² (kWh/annum) 0 0 0
Energy losses of the building thru fenestration/year (kWh/annum) 0 0 0
Required quantity of electricity / year (kWh) 0 0 0
Annual expenditure of electricity for heating (Cdn$) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Annual CO2 emission for heating (kg) 0 0 0
Total annual savings on Cooling     $0.00
Total annual savings on Heating     $0.00
Total annual savings on Energy (Cdn$) $0.00
Total annual reduction of CO2 emission (kg)     0
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Calculations based on average conditions and estimations*
Calculations are based on energy flows through fenestrations
Natural gas and Electricity prices are subjes to change
Elite is not liable for the use of this calculator
Fenestration properties are based on Double Glazing 4mm/16mm/4mm
with low E coating in position 3, space filled with argon gas.

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