Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds offer an elegant and flexible way of filtering light and maintaining privacy. Filtering the light can control the mood and ambiance and also help to regulate the temperature in your home. Elite Windows Fashions™ produces a variety of high-quality custom horizontal blinds in 2″ slat size with a selection of wood and faux wood.


These timeless window coverings come in a variety of styles to suit your taste and home decor style. Because they are highly customizable, the window coverings can be tailored to suit any space and any type or size of the window. The slats are durable and easy to clean, ensuring a strong investment in your home.

*Pricing and availability by Quotation Only.

2″ horizontal blinds

Eco Wood Blinds

These blinds are available in a variety of warm and beautiful colours made of real wood for natural and elegant decor. This popular choice can suit any style of home, from modern to traditional. Wooden blinds also provide more insulation, which can effectively lower your heating and cooling costs, saving you money. Eco Wood Blinds are engineered to be more durable than traditional wood blinds, with UV stabilized stains and painted slats that will resist warping or fading.

GreenGuard Certified

Available with Elite Smart Shades™ automation for louver tilt capability

Urban Fauxwood Blinds

These blinds offer a cost-effective alternative to wood blinds. Urban Fauxwood Blinds have the rich, natural look of real wood but are fabricated from composite materials, offering a high-end look at a lower price point to suit almost every budget. Slats and bottom rails are made from durable materials and crafted to resist warping and cracking, however under the extreme sun and prolonged heat temperatures colours may fade and materials may warp. Urban Fauxwood Blinds are easy to clean and maintain their look over time.


• GreenGuard Certified

• Flame Retardant

• Available with Elite Smart Shades™ automation for louver tilt capability