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Window safety when it comes to children and pets Unfortunately, some window treatments can cause serious injuries to children and pets, especially treatments that are a tad older or outdated.

Why you should invest in Motorized Solar Shades? If you’re like many contemporary homeowners, you’ve likely spent at least some time thinking about how you can update your home with

Automate your window shades with smart home technology If you’ve been paying attention to recent trends and developments in home decor, there’s a chance you’ve heard about Smart Home devices.

How do different cordless systems work? The type of lift system you choose for your window can make a drastic difference in the convenience and safety of your home. Cordless

A guide to understanding popular window treatments. The right window treatment can be a revelation in your home. Not only do window blinds and shades regulate the amount of natural

Ideas for door window coverings. Finding the right coverings for the windows in your home can be a fun and rewarding project. But it’s easy to forget that your doors

How to dust & clean window blinds & shades When cleaning, people often focus their energy on flooring and carpets, while overlooking curtains and shades. However, window treatments require regular