Window safety when it comes to children and pets

Unfortunately, some window treatments can cause serious injuries to children and pets, especially treatments that are a tad older or outdated. The good news is that you can greatly reduce the risk of harm to your loved ones by simply upgrading your home with modern technology. Follow along as we break down some of the best solutions that are currently available on the market. 


We’ll discuss the new safety requirements that have recently been implemented in Canada, some great window treatments that follow the guidelines, and some other ideas that will protect your little ones and furry friends.

Current safety requirements

As of May 2021, Canada has implemented a new law that will reduce the risk of harm caused by corded window shades and blinds. The Corded Window Coverings Regulation restricts the length of cords and the size of the cord loops. Parents, caregivers, and pet owners are encouraged to switch to cordless options altogether, as the new regulations apply to both custom-made and off the shelf products. 


Canada is the first country in the world to have regulations go so far to protect children and pets when it comes to window coverings, and we’re proud to already have some amazing options available if you’re looking to make the switch.

Best window treatments

The most obvious switch that you can make if you’re looking to move away from cords altogether is to install motorized roller shades. Motorized shades are a smart and clean solution for any window covering. They come in a variety of fabrics, such as designer, solar shades, blackout, or green (meaning environmentally friendly!) Roller shades are classic for all types of rooms and are easy to install. 


Motorized drapes are also a wonderful option if you’re looking for a window treatment that is a bit more stylized. We currently offer the ability to BYOF (bring your own fabric) so you can customize the drapes to your home. 


Elite High-Lite® Shades are perfect if you’re looking for something modern, functional, and stylish. The best thing about these shades is that they break away from traditional styles but are still high-performing. The shades alternate horizontal bands of opaque and sheer fabric so you can customize the amount of light you want in any given room. Since these shades can be motorized or operated with our Elite WandControl™ system, they’re not only convenient, they’ll keep your children and pets safe. These shades are a wonderful alternative to corded treatments, elevating your home’s safety and style. 


Elite SpringDrive™ is another child-safe cordless option to choose from. These shades have no cords, chains, or wands and instead work by having you pull the bottom rail of the shade to both close and open them. The shade has an adjustable tension system so you can pull the shade down to cover the window, or with a gentle tug, the blind will lift and stay in place wherever you want it to. This feature is great if you need to quickly adjust your shade for desired light control or privacy. Elite SpringDrive™ is an approved safety measure for families with young children and pets as they significantly reduce the risk of injury. 


Any window treatment that you currently have in your home can be motorized, no matter the material or type of shade or blind. If you’re curious about this solution and want to learn more, then reach out to one of our representatives.

Other things to consider

If you already have corded window treatments, we’d like to offer a few things to keep in mind. 


Corded window treatments can be an even greater risk if they haven’t been installed properly. If you’ve purchased corded window treatments in the past and either haven’t installed them yet, or you’re unsure if they’ve been installed correctly, reach out to a professional. Always keep the cords out of reach and never place cribs, couches, or playpens near a window that has a corded window treatment. 


Never tie knots in cords and make sure to untie any that form accidentally. Additionally, installing a cleat or tie down device is a must. These devices should be high up on the wall with the cords out of reach so that little hands (or paws) cannot grab at them.

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The best way to prevent injuries when it comes to window treatment is to upgrade and remove cords altogether. 


Motorized blinds and shades are safe and reliable. But not only that, they are convenient and elevate your home. Make your home child and pet safe by installing motorized blinds, or speak to a professional retailer if you have any questions about purchasing new window treatments.