How do different cordless systems work?

The type of lift system you choose for your window can make a drastic difference in the convenience and safety of your home. Cordless options not only create a cleaner appearance than pull cords, but they are necessary if you wish to eliminate the risk of hazards with young children or pets. 


While all the cordless systems are child-safe, and provide an effortless neat appearance, there are key differences between the manual options and automated window coverings and blinds. 


Cordless lift options for window treatments work with almost all modern shades and blinds. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, how one particular cordless system operates may be more suitable for your home or personal preference. Continue reading to learn more and find which system will work best for you. 

Elite Wandcontrol™

Elite WandControl™ features a modern, updated design of a traditional stick wand which typically works to raise and lower the shade. The system features a singular mechanism; a sleek operating wand with a retractable cord. 


There are several features which make this system perfect for family homes, including safety, easy maintenance, and budget.  


Elite WandControl™ eliminates looped pull-cords completely and replaces them with a singular wand which remains safely out of your child’s reach. If your child is able to reach the wand control device, there is no potential harm of them getting caught or tangled, which could lead to injury or strangulation. 


Older models of blinds and shades can come with chains or cords which can become tangled, easily break, and need replacing. The mechanics of the Elite WandControl™ are stored within the housing unit, making it harder to twist or snap them from physical handling.  


As they are a manual alternative to automatic systems, Elite WandControl™ is suitable for average budgets. With the cords unexposed, the design is more durable, and wear and tear lasts longer than other pull-cord or chain designs. 

Elite Springdrive™

Elite SpringDrive™ is another child-safe cordless operating system. The design has no wand, cords, or chains and works simply by pulling gently on the bottom rail of the shade.  


Cordless blinds such as the Elite SpringDrive™ are an approved safety measure for families with young children. It’s designed to also protect pets who may play with dangling cords which is not only a safety hazard, but can permanently damage your blinds. 


One benefit of the SpringDrive™ system is that it lowers and raises the shade instantly. This feature is perfect for quickly adjusting your shade for desired light control or privacy. Pull-down cordless systems work with an adjustable tension system without the need for chains or cords. With a gentle tug, the blinds will stay in the place you leave them.

Elite Smart Shades™

Automated window coverings and blinds are a modern home owner’s dream. Elite Smart Shades™ provide a flawless touch to your decor with convenient control. They can provide a complete automated window treatment solution, or you can select custom shades which work with your home’s current automation system. 


In addition to being safe for children and pets, Elite Smart Shades™ provide several other benefits. 


Elite Smart Shades™ can be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day , whether you’re home or not. Conveniently adjust the privacy of your shades instantaneously by using the app or remote.  


Your Elite Smart Shades™ can be programmed to close when the temperature of the room rises in the summer or gets cooler in the winter. By maintaining the temperature of the rooms, your heating and cooling system will work more efficiently and reduce energy costs while creating an environmentally responsible home.

Cordless window treatments for child-safety and a clean appearance.

Cordless window treatments are becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern homes. Child-safety is a key benefit, and unlike pull-cords or chains, cordless options provide a neat appearance without the hassle. 


Whether you choose a manual cordless treatment, such as the Elite WandControl™ or SpringDrive™ , or upgrade to the automated Elite Smart Shades™, you can be sure they pass Health Canada’s current safety measures on corded window covering products. 


The Elite cordless window coverings are available in many varieties and styles to perfectly match with your home’s decor. Now that you’re aware of the different systems, you can browse through our website and find the perfect blinds and shades for your home.