Why You Should Invest in Motorized Solar Shades

If you’re like many contemporary homeowners, you’ve likely spent at least some time thinking about how you can update your home with some modern technological conveniences. Motorized solar shades are a prime example of smart technology you can easily add to your home that can reduce the costs associated with maintaining your home, increase your… Continue reading »

Why Blackout Shades Might Be Ideal For You

If you’re like most homeowners you likely have a number of different home improvement tasks on your to-do list. While there are many that you can likely start this weekend, few are simple enough to complete before you head back to work Monday morning. Luckily enough, installing blackout shades on your windows is one relatively… Continue reading »

Simple Ways to Transform Your Cottage

When summer rolls around, there’s nothing like heading up to the cottage for weeks at a time. It’s a perfect way to escape  our stress-filled lives, where we can connect with nature, relax, and soak up the sun. Canadians love cottage country. Seeing as we have such a short time to enjoy the great outdoors… Continue reading »